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Powerful Upfront DFM Tool To support product and manufacturing design

What is Geo-Designer?

Geo-Designer, is a powerful upfront Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology. It accelerates the design process for functions, manufacturability, enabling designs to move to production better and faster. Compared with other traditional tools, Geo-Designer is powerful, flexible, fast and easy to use and provides savings in downstream costs by quality improvement at the design stage. Geo-Designer offer a new method to study the part geometry in 3D Iso-surface with flexible transparently, it is similar the x-ray and CT method in industrial.
Geo-Designer can analyse the product thickness in ray method and the thickness level method. Users can select the analysis method flexibility based on the geometry of the part for improved results.
  • Quick, easy, flexible and powerful way of checking design for manufacturing process
  • Savings in downstream lead time and costs by improving quality at the early design stage
  • Locates critical regions in 3D CAD models to help manufacture process design
  • Improve design productivity
  • Very easy to use, less than 30 minutes to learn

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