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Design capability

Geo-Designer, provides a simple but very effective tool to support casting process product and manufacturing design, it cut at least 60% of design lead time, thanks the state-of-art technologies.”
Prof. Z. Zhang,MSE, Tsinghua University, China
  • Build in design capability for riser & runner, rib and chill design
  • Support mesh level geometry Boolean operation, very powerful and flexible operation.
  • Import STL/IGES/STEP file and export the design result in STEP file directly.

Geo-Design helps the designer to understand the thickness/mass distribution of the gravity casting parts .

(upper left: thickness analysis upper right: Mass Distribution Index (MDI) of the thicker region)

Based on theMDI results, riser and feeder for thicker zone could be designed to compensate the metal shrinkage, both the location and size could be designed as the guide of Geo-Designer. The lower pictures show the designed CAD model and the newMDI value after considering the riser and feeder.

Geo-Designer movie

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