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C3P Software announce to release the SPW module for Stamp-Engineer

Stamping Process Works (SPW) technology speed up the stamping process design and die face engineering ten times compared with the traditional CAD method

[August 1oth, 2012] C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, has unveiled its latest software module SPW for sheet metal forming solution Stamp-Engineer. It will be available on the market in fall 2012.

The Stamping Process Works (SPW) software module is specialized for process planners and tooling designers, to rapidly make stamping process design and generate die face for the complete stamping process. SPW is not only used for typical one stage stamping widely but also very useful for progressive die design. The application of SPW includes automotive, electronics, consumes application and many others.

With new generation innovation technology, SPW is very powerful for stage planning and die face generation. Also, SPW is easy to use. Based on SPW’s clear structure, designers can start from the imported 3D CAD part, and then define the operation of each stage, such as drawing feature and binder surface, the system will create the die faces for each stages automatically.

SPW can speed up the process design ten times faster compared with the traditional CAD method. As a result, process planners or die designer can generate several different tooling concepts and stages planning at very early stage and send to CAE system for validation, such as Stamp-Engineer. With SPW and Stamp-Engineer, 4 to 5 design solutions could be carried out in one working day. This is exactly the requests of today’s business, ‘Time to Market’.

Best Class of SPW:
 Start from 3D stamping part, support 3D solid part, shell part and STL data
 Rapid definition of the process planning at early stage
 Direct data transition from SPW to CAE validation
 Ten times faster compared with traditional CAD method
 Support both single die and progressive die design
 With stages management capability
 Full parameters to control the depth of drawing, filling radius and draft angle
 Flexible binder design and edit
 Full couple to Stamp-Engineer for validation, support all CAE system for model generation
 Support operation template file, easily to import and export operation data

About C3P Software
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