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C3P Software release CAST-DESIGNER V5.4

【Düsseldorf, GERMANY – JUNE 30th, 2011 – C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today CAST-DESIGNER V5.4 with the new repackage of modules to fulfill the strong requests of  ‘Time to Market’ in casting industrial, the new modules includes CAST-DESIGNER for gravity Casting and CAST-DESIGNER for investment casting.

 The new V5.4 version delivers numerous enhancements;

  •  True 64 bits executables of CAST-DESIGNER are now available for windows platform, support Windows XP, Vista and Win 7.
  •  Introduce new concept for gating system design for die casting, support multi-segments in one runner and new design advisor to guide the user for whole casting system design and shot machine selection.
  •  Casting System Design expanded to Gravity Casting and investment casting, now riser, feeder could be designed in CAST-DESIGNER with experience data support, the full gating system of gravity casting also could be designed similar the way of high pressure die casting.
  •  Fastmesh technology is introduced to all casting process as standard meshing tool, it can save at least 80% meshing time and with assembly capability automatically. Full automatic shell generator for investment casting is also possible.
  •  A complete new design interface to support all casting process in the setup with full couple thermal and flow simulation. The setup is using object concept, so a few simple clicks will complete the part exchange for a new design, this can bring big advantage for several plans comparison and all defined parameters could be saved in user template file and import anytime.
  •  Provides a material converter for different country standard, such as ASTM of US, JIS of Japan, DIN of Germany, GB of China, BS of UK, France and Russian etc.

  “Cast-Designer is the sole really practical solution to combine the casting system design and CAE simulation together to provide the quick answer to designers in order to match the ‘time to marketing’ requirement today.” said by Professor and Dr. Jeffery Ma, Nanyang university of technological. ‘We have been using a couple of CAE simulation software in the last 15 years and more interesting the concept and functions of Cast-Designer. We thought this is the best way for improving accuracy and lead time in foundry analysis and for better understanding the process. The obtained results in different projects show improvement opportunities not only for users but for designers, even program designers. Cast-Designer is not only designed for CAE engineer but also die designers who without so many CAE experience. In my opinion Cast-Designer means a good tool for getting it.’ Dr. Ma continues highlight.

 ”We are pleased to announce the release of Cast-Designer V5.4 during the period of GIFA 2011” said Dennis Chow, director of product support and engineering service. “Our growing and faithful installed base demonstrates the relevancy of our system for foundries, whether they require a quick estimate of design plan or a more advanced and complete analysis. Cast-Designer V5.4 can provide more functions and much quick design method to serve high pressure die casting, gravity casting and investment casting, our goal remains to develop tailored tools to help foundries efficiently design the best quality part in  very effective way. ”

 About C3P Software

With the combination of software development, advanced analysis, extensive product development experience and cost effective local human resources, C3P Software provide industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service and application software integration. For further information, please visit: http://www.c3p-group.com

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