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C3P Software Released Cast-Designer Weld

HONGKONG 28th JULY, 2020– C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX & PLM solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today the release of Cast-Designer Weld - the unique solution for complex large welding and assembly process in the market, with full chain solution from the material, to process design, to simulation, to production and automatic optimization for welding parameters and assembly sequence, with express modeling technology and the last AI science.

The Cast-Designer Weld is a milestone in terms of accuracy and simplicity. This unique solution allows the user to considerably reduce time-to-production and thus save on production costs. To satisfy the demand of the welding industry, many breakthrough technologies were developed in the Cast-Designer Weld.

Handle complex big welding model: It is always, the headache problem when simulates the complex big welding model, not only the very long modeling time but also the not affordable CPU time. Cast-Designer Weld has developed a line heat source to speed up the simulation time in ten times faster for different welding applications. This technology can keep the temperature field and much more accurate than the inherent strain method while suitable for any welding process.

Express modeling technology: The FastMesh engine in Cast-Designer Weld can handle a very complex CAD model to generate hexahedron mesh fully automatically, the CAD defects like bad surface, CAD gap, or overlay, and the surface intersection could be treated automatically also. Many advanced technologies to make sure the generated model is high quality and economy, such as local mesh, marking point, snap tin feature and sharp edge, etc. Only a simple click can change the model mesh size to use for the different analysis phase.

The full solution from DFM (Design For Manufacturing) to production:

Weld Calculator: supports the planning and optimization of welding tasks, such as weldability, cooling time, preheat temperature, and weld bead phase structure and mechanical properties.

SmartWeld: A quick optimization tool in the last GA technology to detect the best welding process parameters based on the given weld pool dimension. It could be used for CO2 continue wave laser welding, pulsed Nd:YAG laser welding, spot weld, and arc weld process.

Simulation: Simulate the physical phenomena and mechanical behavior of thermal, metal filling, solidification, and cooling process. Dual solvers (FEM and FVM) were used in the simulation and fully coupled and a special interface for welding sequence design and simulation.

Automatic optimization: Cast-Designer optimizer can execute multi-criteria non-linear optimization based on DOE/GA/PSO as known in artificial intelligence. The automatic optimization can find the best operation windows and weld sequence.

Speaking about this product release, Ms. X. Li, product manager of Cast-Designer Weld said, “We are excited about this release of Cast-Designer Weld, the market has waited for such kind of product for a very long time and now C3P software provides a useful answer finally. When we show our design and simulation result to our customer, a welding assembly component in 62 weld lines, more than half a million elements, but less than 8 hours modeling and simulation time, less than 0.3mm distortion tolerance, they are really surprised and excited for such kind of super-solution.”

About C3P Software

C3P Software has been providing the professional design & analysis solution for the manufacturing industry since 2006, and the current product “Cast-Designer”, “Cast-Designer Weld” ” Geo-Designer”, ” AI-FORM”, ” SavingCAST” are marketed worldwide. With the combination of software development, advanced analysis, extensive product development experience, and cost-effective human resources, C3P Software provides industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service, and application software integration. For further information, please visit: http://www.c3p-group.com  or http://www.cast-designer.com

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