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Geo-Designer V1.6.1 bring new functions for DFM analysis

【Hong Kong – October 8th, 2012】 –C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today to release Geo-Designer V1.6.1. The new version software brings more useful functions for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis.

With the great success of version 1.6.0, C3P software continues to enhance the functions in Geo-Designer. The main new functions of Geo-Designer V1.6.1 include,
Slider checking:

  • Now, Geo-Designer can perform slider checking for casting part and plastic ejection part to help slider design. The user simply defines the plug direction or opening direction and the location of the partition plan, the system will calculate the slide zone and remark it to display in Geo-Designer. More ever, the surface area of such ‘Slide Zone’ also can be exported to any CAD system in STL file format.
  • Ejection force and distribution:

  • As well as slider checking, the Geo-Designer now can make ejection force calculation. The information of ejection force is not only included the total force value but also with the detail distribution on the part. The later one should be very useful for ejection pins design.
  • About C3P Software

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    Slider checking and ejection force calculation in Geo-Designer

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