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C3P Software Release a New Mesh Technology to Speed up Casting Simulation Model

(30th June, 2010, HONGKONG)

C3P software, a pioneer software editor for visual manufacturing, announce a new mesh technology today for casting simulation in the last CAST-MESH version 5.3 to speed up the casting simulation model setup.

For a long time, meshing work is a bottleneck problem and time consuming in casting simulation special for Finite Element Method (FEM) code, the lead time from CAD to CAE model is lacked on this stage mainly. More ever, in practical simulation process, the model geometry usually need be changed very often upon the initial simulation results. In this case, if the CAD data was changed then the same meshing work need be repeated.

The new mesh technology is named CCMM (C3P Casting Meshing Method), it is a hybrid mesh method to combine both FDM and FEM mesh technology together. With the new technology, the mesh work become so simple and lead time can be cut at least 70% thanks the strong feature protection smooth technology and super re-mesh technology.

With CCMM, the defects in original data could be treated very well, such as CAD surface was not closed, small gap and overlap etc. The system will fix or sew it automatically and the mesh engine could analysis such defects automatically to prevent problems in the future stage.

A major advance application of such feature is the flexible assembly of casting part. For example, in high pressure die casting process, the casting includes the casting part, gating system and overflows. To match the quality requirement, the gating system and overflows usually need be changed many times to get the best result. The advance of CCMM is the user need not assembly the CAD data together after change the casting, gating or overflows each time, who only need put all the components together (with small overlap or gaps is also acceptable) then provide a new meshing , that is all.

It is well known FEM mesh have a lots of advantages in casting simulation, such as good geometry descriptions for thin wall and complex geometry, small nodes and elements to speed up model setup and save memory and disk space and accept various mesh size to provide a more effective simulation. Besides FDM mesh, CCMM provides FEM mesh in a quick way with high quality. With advance re-mesh technology, an existed mesh also can be re-meshed in a new mesh size in a few seconds, this is very useful for users to select a coarse mesh in the beginning stage to save CPU time and a fine mesh for final turning to achieve a more accurate result. The 3D mesh engine also support full 3D control and layer treatment for thin casting part to suitable the solver requirement.

The most difficult and time consuming of FEM casting simulation is meshing assembly, a connect FEM mesh model with casting, core and dies is very useful for mechanical stress calculation as well as good thermal calculation. CCMM provides a unique feature in the marketing to save at least 80% time for meshing assembly.

The C3P CAST-MESH can support almost FEM and FDM simulation code, such as ProCAST, CAPCAST and with standard IDEAS UNV and NASTRAN important and export format for other CAE codes. The input CAD data could be IGES, STEP, BREP for standard data format as well as CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro-Engineer and SolidWorks as addition data plug in for special license.

(L) Original STL data of a sand casting with casting part, cores and risers. Many defects existed in the STL data.

(R) Hybrid mesh of the above assembly (2min)

Final FEM mesh of the above assembly which is suitable of casting simulation (5 min)

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