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Advance Analysis

Advance Analysis

Material Database

Over 300 kinds of traditional stamping materials are integrated, including aluminum alloy, stainless steel, soft steel, HSS & tool steel, all generated from material makers.
Multiple steel indexes are complemented such as JIS, DIN, UN & SEA. User defining is supported without limits.

Progressive stamping simulation

Stamping velocity and multi-stages are the key factors in the progressive stamping field, but small features and high accuracy requirements in progressive die processes needs a more robust and more fast simulation engine.
With parallel calculation shortening the simulation time greatly, Form-Advisor accumulates over 15 years of experiences in the precision stamping field.

Springback Computation and Flatness Analysis

The powerful dual-solver of Form-Advisor offers both explicit & implicit method to solve the springback problems. The new generation of solver technology is optimized for different types of processers that the accuracy and work rate touch top attitude.

Springback Compensation

The Springback compensation module is specialized on springback compensation. This new feature automatically modifies the part and/or tooling surfaces based on the precise springback calculation. Users define local regions for compensation; Form-Advisor then uses the springback results to automatically adjust these compensation regions. In addition, the compensated geometry is automatically used as new input for rapid and accurate tooling validation.

The main benefits of Springback compensation
  • Substantially reduce time and costs in engineering and tryout;
  • Increase part and tool quality;
  • Improve planning reliability in die development, tool shop and assembly.
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