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Form-Advisor Professional

Form-Advisor provides the user with unstricted capabilities and can handle more than 90% industry’s needs in the MCAD environment. However, some users would seek a fuller solution with advanced functionality for more complicated jobs, and for this we present Form-Advisor Professional.

Form-Advisor Professional provides a stand-alone interface specialised for more advanced jobs or complicated processes. The software houses a powerful 3D CAD and meshing system, and also comes with a multitude of advanced modules such as:

  • provides geometry compensation capability for springback in die face
  • Solid Forming: provides the solid elements capabilities for special applications, such as ironing or light forging
  • Local flange & One step analysis: provides part level stamping analysis capability and quick blank sheet prediction

Stamping Feature Study

The user interface of Form-Advisor Professional, with OPEN CASCADE technology

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