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The purpose of POWERVIEW is to supply visualization tools to help the end-user analyze the results of Form-Advisor Solver after a numerical simulation computation.It proposes standard functionalities to display information through a wide range of functions.

Visualization of presentations in different modes in a 3D viewer
  • Shading
  • Wireframe
  • Nodes
  • Special options for presentation (color, lines width)
Visualization of curves in curve plot viewer:
  • Different style of curves
  • Different scaling modes
  • Auto or user defined legend
Import/Export files Format
  • Mesh: Nastran, STL
  • Curve: ASCII Foramt, Excel
Creation of 3D representations of results
  • Scalar map
  • Deformed shape
  • Vector representations
  • Iso surfaces
  • Cut planes
  • Cut lines
  • Animation

Present Rich Information of stamping process

  • Thickness & thinning
  • Material flow Visualization
  • Crack & Wrinkle Prediction
  • Strain and Stress
  • Forming limited diagram
  • Springback zones & magnitude
  • Flatness prediction
  • Process animation
  • Blank outline optimization
  • Sections cut
  • Skid line & Shock Line Visualization
  • Forming Force and Holder Pressure Calculation
  • Tool Contact Pressure Calculation
  • Nodal Deformation History

Form-Advisor for process optimization

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