STAMP-DESIGNER™ is a powerful feature based engineering tool for sheet metal products and die design which integrates the latest state of arts Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology. STAMP-DESIGNER can helps engineer to select the optimized tooling configuration and parameters to achieve the balance between quality, time and costs.

STAMP-DESIGNER™ provides a flexible, simple and faster method to create the basic stamping model (both CAD and FEM model) and defines the simulation condition automatically. Then user can simple change some key parameters to gain the best result or find the balance between condition and result, and apply such design to a global model or die design directly. In general, it is a economic way for both simulation and design.

What STAMP-DESIGNER™  achieve

  • Forming sequence with predicted material behavior
  • Indication of adequate process stability
  • Thickness distributions
  • Strain and stress distributions (in-plane and through thickness)
  • Springback and flatness
  • Tendency to instabilities in Cracks / Thinning / Necking / Wrinkles
  • Prediction of defects: twist / edge wave / bow / sweep / oil canning


  • Give a better knowledge concerning process behavior
  • Provide a greater insight into the deformation mechanism
  • Easy to verify and improve the concept
  • Predict instabilities and failure
  • Able to realize parameter studies
  • Perform optimization and find optimum
  • Avoid building prototypes that fail
  • Reduce the number development prototypes
  • Reduce try-outs
  • Perform robustness analysis
  • Demand from client
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